Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progressive Education: Isn't It Amazing We Are Still Having This Debate

I stumbled upon this little vintage gem today. It is amazing how relevant the message of this film is to the state of our schools today. How many classrooms in our "normal" schools today still look and feel like the classroom in the beginning of this film? How has modern technology reframed this debate?

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Anonymous said...

I am a student at Goddard College. Goddard is my first experience with progressive education and it is changing my life. I feel like I am finally understanding education--especially as a life-long endeavor. I am a product of public schools and my mother is a public school educator. I am convinced that the "teach-to-the-test" phenomenon is putting our students at more and more risk for being left way the hell behind. I really hope we, as a society, can find a way to teach students to be learners instead of just teaching them what is going to be on the test.