Thursday, November 13, 2008

YouTube & Student Speech Class

Last year our high school staff all received laptops with integrated webcams. Most teachers said, "Why would I want to have a webcam?" Believe me, I was asking the same question two years ago. Today I find a webcam absolutely essential for what I do. This fall I was able to talk our high school speech teacher into trying something new using her integrated webcam. She would use YouTube's Quick Capture feature to record and publish student speeches to her YouTube Channel. Then, at the end of the week she brought each of her classes to the computer lab to critique each other's speeches by posting comments on each other's videos.

This method has many advantages. First, since the students know their speeches will be published for anyone to view it forces them to think more about their audience. Second, by tagging videos appropriately it can intice people outside the class to offer their feedback. Finally, allowing students this method of critiquing each other's videos provides the potential that students will get more feedback on their speech.

So, in an attempt to help promote this here is my request. Visit the site, watch one or two student speeches and offer some commentary.


jhegna said...

What software are you using to record the video? Does Youtube automatically record from the webcam or are you using something else then uploading it to the site?

Interesting Idea!

Carl Anderson said...

YouTube automatically records and publishes. Very quick and easy. No editing.