Thursday, July 23, 2009

Digital Backpack Updates

It has been a while since I last updated my "Digital Backpack." I know a lot of people use this tool and it is starting to burst at the seems with links to tools. So, I thought I would just highlight what I added last night:
  • - Send files to fax machines for free.
  • - Online application that lets you create your own animated gif files.
  • - Upload a photo and this tool will render it like a David Hockney collage.
  • -simple online tool for making animated GIF files.
  • - Online audio editor.
  • - It's a simple service to convert the web pages to PDF files. No need to install applications on your computer. It's free and without registration!
  • - free online file converter
  • - Free online file converter
  • - converts text messages into proper English.
  • - Send and receive free text messages from your computer to others cell phones.
  • - Free online whiteboard.
  • - Broadcast video live online from your mobile phone.
  • - Free video hosting for schools. (like YouTube but specifically for student projects.)
  • - Like YouTube but for school lectures.
  • - Interesting YouTube Search Engine
  • - Semantic Video Search Engine
  • - Online application that lets you build your own 3D games.
  • - Neat site that is kind of like a mashup between Google Earth and Twitter.
  • - Convert an RSS feed to a PDF newsletter.
  • - Combine multiple RSS feeds into one.
  • - combine multiple RSS feeds into one.
  • -PDF search engine
  • - Chop a section out of a YouTube video.

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