Monday, August 3, 2009

Video Games as Learning Engines or "My gammer fragged your honor student"- David Warlick

The following are my sketchy notes from David Warlick's session in Byron MN on video games and learning.

Glenn Weime "Video games have become complex because the brain demands it."
David Schaffer

What we know:

  • only 21% of teens have played MMORPGS
  • only 10% of teens have played in Virtual Worlds
  • Most virtual worlds are being targeted to elementary age students (HS teachers, they are coming we need to be prepared)

Living and Learing with New Media -Catherine T. McArthur foundation
  • -Youth use online media to extend friendships and interests
  • -Explore interests with communities of interests
  • -engage in peer-based and self-directed learning ("Messing Around")
  • -They don't think of it as learning.
  • -"Geek Out," diving into a topic or talent
  • -New media allows a degree of freedom and autonomy for youth learners

Implications for Ed
  • -be more experimental, experiential and social/collaborative
  • -rely less on standardization of content and assessment
  • -adults should be role model learners
  • -stay relevant

  • -Got Game - John Beck and Mitchell Wade
  • -The kids are alright: How the Gamer generation is changing the workplace - Beck and Wade
  • -What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy - Gee
  • -Don't bother me mom--I'm Learning - Marc Prensky
  • -How Computer Games Help Children Learn - David William Schaffer
  • -Fans, Bloggers and Gamers: Exploring Participatory Culture - Henry Jenkins

  • Games, Learning, Society Conference - Madison, WI
  • Games for Change - Real World Games, real world impact
  • RezEd at GLS
Role Playing
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon
  • Assassin Creed
Problem Solving
  • Pikmims
Serious Games
I hope he talks about having students make their own video games or making game mods.

Noticed his kids making their own games while playing games like Halo

World Building
  • Spore
  • The Little Big Planet
Kids are more happy with an interactive experience.

Talks about Machinema

ARGs (Alternate Reality Games)
  • I Love Bees

Deborah Fields - Expert in Cheating

Elonka Dunin - Kryptographer - says editing on Wikipedia is like playing a game

Justin Hall - Passively Multi-user Online Games...or information as game

Sandbox Learning
  • Scratch
  • PHUN
  • Second Life
Sorry this ended up looking more like a presentation outline than notes.

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Kiara said...

Surely, you posted an informative concept here. I would love to hear and read such blogs for us to eventually learn what was happening in children when they continuously play games. I love games myself, whether in the form of Online/Video/
Download Games. Thanks for suggesting some books, hopefully I can get one.