Friday, September 18, 2009

iTeach App Directory

I have been spending the past week creating a directory of iPod Touch and iPhone apps that may be useful for teachers and students. It is a new feature in the Digital Backpack but the Digital Backpack doesn't work in Safari on these devices because it uses iframes. The stand alone site works fine in the mobile browser. All links to apps in the directory will open iTunes to the download page for each app both on your computer and on your iPod or iPhone. Right now this directory contains about 100 different apps. Most of them are free. The only apps included that are not free are ones that I find extremely valuable. Over the course of the year I will add others that I find and delete ones that I have not fully tested yet. If you are a teacher, administrator, or student who uses one of these devices and have apps you find useful I would love for you to let me know so I can include them in this directory.


Hall Jackson said...

Hi Carl.
Thanks for the list - really great for us iphone newbies. Just something about the iclicker app, unfortunately it is not available in Australia (it gets blocked by itunes).
Disclosure - I sell this system.
A really great alternative is TurningPoint ResponseWare. It is available in Australia and hooks up to the teacher's powerpoint presentation to show on the big screen in real time, and can do some amazing reports.
Clickers are great to use in question circles, Peer Instruction, and collaborative learning.

Hall Jackson

Anonymous said...

Check out SpeakingPal.

app store:

Android Market: