Saturday, October 24, 2009

Materials for my presentation to Hamline CSED 7761 on 10-24-09

I have been asked to speak to a class at Hamline University later today on a variety of topics. This presentation is basically about what I do as a technology integration specialist at Goodhue Public Schools. The instructors for this course have asked me to speak about my job, what it entails, grants and other funding sources, district and personal technology initiatives, virtual worlds, and mobile devices. Pretty loaded topic. I fear I won't be able to do any of those things justice in around an hour. I have decided to try something new with this one. To introduce mobile devices I am using to gather information from the class prior to my talk. Then, to address virtual worlds I have done so by putting my presentation slides into a virtual world. People watching my presentation can join me "in world" if they choose or they can view it from the projection.

This is either going to be a huge success or it is going to flop.

I will be using the virtual world Metaplace as a presentation platform today. If you would like to join me "in world" you can create a free Metaplace account and login to the world I have embedded on this blog post below. Of course, if you are joining us remotely you won't be able to hear my presentation but you can certainly ask questions and I will do my best to answer them for you. My presentation is at 2:00 pm Central Time and I will be active "in world" around 2:15. The final part of this presentation requires you to have a webcam and this page printed out. If you are joining us remotely, or if you are viewing this presentation at a later date you will need to have it printed out for the full effect.

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Nancy said...

I am wondering how it went? I went into the environment which was extremely cool! How did the presentation go?