Friday, January 22, 2010

PLN Integration #edtech

This makes so much sense for marrying the CMS AND PLN (but the question is, will the traditional institute of learning be expendable/replaceable under this model?):

Slide from

Featured Session: The Genius of "And": Reconciling the Enterprise and Personal Learning Network

Jon Mott, Asst. to the Academic VP - Academic Technology, Brigham Young University

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klbuley said...

I just heard about this earlier today from one of my professors, and I spent an hour listening to it while I was at work. I think that there definitely has to be a shift in the way we think about "the classroom" and quit limiting the learning to the four walls of the classroom (or institution). I wonder how long until its commonplace? I earned my bachelors in 2002, and at that time we couldn't digitally turn in we shouldn't be asking "where's your homework?" but more like, "where is it published?" WHAT A SHIFT in eight years....especially since I am still a student in the university classroom, I can see the difference first-hand. There's such a confidence factor involved with "publishing" (even web based)work, that I feel this step will entice the students to put forth a greater effort (because anyone can see it), and have a lasting portfolio to turn to.