Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pass it On

I am not usually one for passing on memes but I happen to like this one. Thank you

For those I am awarding below, here are a few rules to follow suggested guidelines if you would also like to pass this meme on:

1. Copy and Display the picture of the award given to you.

2. Link back to the blog that nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 different blogs..

4. Inform the people you have nominated so they can pas on the love.

So, here are my nominations:

  1. SpeEdChange by @irasocol is a blog that always challenges me. Ira's focus on this blog is on social justice issues as they pertain to education, technology, and the history of schools. Always insightful and always challenging. SpeEdChange is a "must subscribe" for anyone interested in equity and social justice, technology, school reform, and the history of education.
  2. Mind Dump by @mcleod is a place where Scott Mcleod dumps random things he comes across online. Dr. Mcleod is better known for his Dangerously Irrelevant blog which is geared toward school administrators and focuses on topics such as school reform, disruptive innovation, technology integration, and school change. However, I am nominating his Mind Dump blog because I believe it deserves more attention and because I have found it, in a very Duchamian way, to point to great content.
  3. Grin and Bear "IT" by @JenHegna is a blog worthy of greater attention. Jen is a technology coordinator in a very progressive school district not far from my house. On her blog she writes about technology and education, technology integration, and online learning. Her blog is a great read for other technology coordinators, teachers, and administrators.
  4. Steve Hargadon by @stevehargadon is a must follow not for Steve's insightful reflective posts or ideas he shares but for the weekly schedule of live events he post there. Steve works for Elluminate and hosts a free interview series, in conjunction with the two well known Ning networks he moderates: Classroom 2.0 and The Future of Education. Each week he presents an impressive lineup of guest presenters who anyone, free of charge, can listen to and ask question in online webinars. Steve and Elluminate give to us for free online on a daily basis what many of us would pay big bucks to see and hear at a conference. He also archives all of his sessions which can be found here on his Delicious account.
  5. Teaching as a dynamic activity by @jerridkruse is a blog I have only recently started to read but is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Jerrid is a teacher in Sioux City, IA (not far from where I grew up) who uses his blog to reflect on the nature of teaching and learning.
  6. Synthesizing Education by @aaron_eyler is another education blog I have only begun reading this past year. Aaron always asks provocative questions and is masterful at generating discussion on his blog. While I don't always agree with his views on topics I respect his opinion. I like people who are not afraid to poke the wasp nest and stir things up.
  7. Think Thank Thunk by Shawn Cor­nally is one of the best math teacher blogs I have every encountered. Shawn teaches Calculus, Physics, and Programming and while his blog is largely curricular in nature it really about good teaching and learning.
  8. Bud the Teacher by @budtheteacher is, in a my opinion a bird of a feather to the Techno Constructivist Blog. Bud is a strong advocate of minimum restrictions and his post last fall, Would You Please Block, has been very influential in helping to shape district filtering policies in many of the schools I work with.
  9. Constructing Meaning by @akamrt is a fantastic reflective blog about education, learning theory, technology, school reform, etc. I wish I had Greg's gift with words. I find my self reading his blog and thinking, "Why couldn't I say it like that."
  10. Makeuseof is my final nominee. Makeuseof is not exactly an education blog but I find it absolutely essential. Most of the tools that eventually find their way into my Digital Backpack come from reading this blog. They also have fantastic "how to" posts everyday on tech topics ranging from novice to intermediate.

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