Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Digital Backpack Woes

I know many teachers and students have used my Digital Backpack over the last four years and for those who rely on that tool I have some bad news to report.  The web service that I have used for the past three years to host the content of the individual pages of that tool ( has...let it's domain expire.  That means that all links to the embedded content in the Backpack are broken.  For the time being I am reverting all Digital Backpack links I am aware of on sites I control to a 2008 version before I used

This really stinks because just two weeks ago I was updating and editing the pages in and the web service gave me no warning. I have been able to locate the company that registered the domain (Key-Systems) using and looking at the domain archive. even gave the IP addresses that used to point to before it expired.  Problem is, I don't know the rest of the file path at those domains to know how to access my content.

Well, I still have all the links in my Delicious account and most of them backed up on different pages of my Techno Constructivist wiki but it will take some time to rebuild the Digital Backpack.  I was thinking of redoing it with a new design anyway. This time I will either use Google Docs or self-host individual pages.

Here is a link to the last working version of the Digital Backpack:


With a bit more hacking and with the help of Bill Yang at Priority One, I was able to get into the server and retrieve all my links and tool descriptions from the Digital Backpack.  It will still take some time to put it all back together again since over half of the image links were broken but this will drastically reduce the amount of time it will take to rebuild this tool.  I might even be able to complete it before EdcampMN on June 20th.

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