Monday, October 22, 2007

Idea That Could Save School Districts Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

I have an idea that I believe could save school districts tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and and would be a better alternative to our buildings' phone systems. Most people know about Skype which allows users to make free phone calls to anyone in the United States or Candada. The problem with Skype, and the reason it would not be wise to replace our phone systems with it is there is no way for a person with a cell phone or land line to call you. The service I came across this weekend could be a solution to this. PrivatePhone is a free web 2.0 service that gives you a personal phone number that people can call to leave you messages. Those messages are sent to you either as an audio file attachment in your email or sent to your cell phone. The service is free and would allow people to contact you.

If each teacher were required to use their school issued email address to sign up for both a Skype account and a PrivatePhone number each building in the district would only need one landline for emergencies. This could save tons.

+ = FREE District Phone System

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