Friday, October 19, 2007

WebQuest in a Virtual World

I thought I would share with everyone a teaser for my capstone project I am doing for my MAED at Hamline. When it is complete it will comprise four WebQuests that exist within the virtual world of Active Worlds. In this video you see the environment students would visit for the first assignment on the first task of the first of these four WebQuests. I am trying to integrate as many different web 2.0 and peripheral devices as possible. So far in this task I have integrated virtual worlds, wikis, YouTube, and cell phone podcasting in a way that should feel seemless to students but giving them ways to influence this virtual environment while learning at the same time about art history, geometry, and drawing. I hope to have this all finished within a month but at the rate things are going it might be a bit longer.


Cara said...

I had the opportunity for a preview of Carl's WebQuest Virtual Learning Environment today. It is an amazing product. It is my dearest hope that his groundbreaking project will page the way for more teachers to create similar projects - an entire neighborhood of them could emerge. A dream!

Mike said...

Sounds great. I think Active Worlds could be a good addition to visualization and retain the team learning of WebQuests. Students are accustomed to virtual worlds (from gaming) and might be receptive to such learning environments. I'm currently working with "traditional" WebQuests tools and would be interested to see more of your project.

Carl Anderson said...

The Virtual World WebQuest is complete. To see it follow the instructions below:

In Active Worlds, teleport to:

world: aw

coordinates: 6896S 13856E

gg said...

Hi Carl
Great Project. I visited your Active Worlds site. I especially like the 2nd floor and the tie-in to building in World on the 3rd floor. Can you post your paper? (I'm guessing there must have been a paper)