Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jennifer Oxenford & Kathy Kraemer: Community of Interest Discussion: International Applications of Internet2 - notes



Before using Internet2 you should do a test.

In April there will be a back to back presentation day for MN students.
Megaconference JR on February 21st

Organizations who are offering things for muse:
International Wolf Center
Science Museum
Minnesota Zoo
Cleveland Museum of Art
(there are many others, these are just the ones they rattled off)

Various Authors have also done things with muse (book readings, discusssions, etc.).

Artists have also done some work with muse.

You can also host events and offer them to schools in other states too.

You usually have to make arrangements to participate in events.

Often content is recorded and made available as a streaming video.

Collaborations Around the Planet looks very promising not only for finding other classrooms to videoconference with but also a possible launching point for collaborative blogs, wikis, podcasts, videocasts, etc.

I would like to find a school in South or Central America that has Spanish speaking students who are just learning English partnering with our High School Spanish class. Each teacher could have their students interact. The instructional activity that comes to mind now is having each group give directions to the other class in the language being learned. Assessment can be done by comparing how well the other group followed the instructions. A game of 20 questions would work well for this too.

PGAP - Polycom's grant assistance program

Other possibilities at internet2.edu

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