Saturday, March 1, 2008

Augmented Reality

This post is in response to a post that was made today at Muve Forward titled, "Virtual to Augmented to Holographic Reality." In that post Chris Topher shares with us the following video he found on YouTube regarding augmented reality:

Imagine the possibilities here. I have often pondered how such a mashup with the real world could happen and if in the future this will become commonplace. We are approaching, with this and what I will follow it with, very close to making some of the more awesome technologies from science fiction possible. Growing up, the one thing I wanted more than anything to become reality was the holodeck on Star Trek TNG. So, to follow with Chris' post, here are some things I have dug up in the past 6 months that blew me away along the same lines:

I also saw a video this fall on YouTube that I can seem to locate today that showed a Korean University student who put together a project that used three cameras to track the motion and capture the appearance of a person and import that image as the avatar in a virtual world. In other words, total visual immersion.

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