Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TipLine - Gate's Computer Tips Backchannel Discussion

Today Jim Gates from TipLine - Gate's Computer Tips gave a presentation to 175 science teachers I presume at a conference somewhere. He used CoverItLive to create a backchannel on his blog for the session and invited his readers to join the session through the backchannel. A guest blogger managed comments and posted key notes from his keynote presentation. What evolved was a wonderful dialog between educators. Joining the backchannel discussion I felt like I was there and the sharing that went on was amazing. One idea that was tossed around was that some of us who participated in the backchannel could host a Skype conference call where districts could share ideas. I think this could blossom into something wonderful and I am putting the call out there for other tech integrationists to join me in this. Each week we could get a group of us from around the country to gather and discuss tech integration for 30 minutes. Our call could be recorded and produced as a podcast. I would be more than happy to facilitate this and make the final edits of the audio if any of the attendees would contact me. Even if we started with just three or four schools we could make this thing go. Since no one else put their information out there in the live session I am placing an open invitation to contact me about this:

email: anderscj@yahoo.com
skype: canderson33

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