Monday, March 23, 2009

Animated Explanation of Disruptive Innovation in Education

No matter how much I drum the same warning signals there still seem to be people who have not heard them regarding school change and disruptive innovation. Therefore, I took the liberty of making the following video presentation (sort of inspired by Lee Lefever's "In Plain English" video series) illustrating the impact of school choice on school districts.

An Illustrated Explanation of Disruptive Innovation in Education from Carl Anderson on Vimeo.


jenhegna said...

Pretty impressive work here Carl!

Andrew B. Watt said...

I think it's a great video.

I wonder, though, if public schools suffer from a glut of administration. I think back to my public school years, when the school office had 5-6 secretaries, two assistant principals, a vice-principal, and a principal.

Maybe more parents should demand that some administrators lose their jobs, rather than teachers. After all, schools and school districts are supposed to be teaching, and not administering teachers.

I do wonder, though, if my perception is the reality. Other public schools don't seem to be any more or less administered than my own private school.

I've blogged about this article (in much the same fashion as here in this comment) at my Blogging the Ancients column attached to my podcast at