Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Tech Tip: The 21st Century Teacher as Sorcerer

Rather than give you a self-produced tech tip video this week I would like to turn your attention to a keynote address by Clay Burell from this fall's Learning Technologies Conference in Australia. I think this is a must-see for all educators. In his keynote, Clay takes us on a four year journey from self-described technology illiterate to internationally known edublogger. Clay has come to be know in the edublogosphere for both his deeply insightful reflective writing on teaching, policy, learning, and schools as well as his mastery of the social web and it's impact on his students (both in and out of his classroom). Enjoy!

Weekly Tech Tip:

Part 1---------Part 2

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

That is a must see for all educators, excellent! I am also enjoying hunting through your link stew, great finds.