Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekly Tech Tip: Integrating Clustr Maps in the Classroom

This fall, Jodi Alper's 5th grade students worked on a "Fractured Fairy Tale" project. For the project they wrote their own versions of popular fairy tales. Then we took them to the lab where they recorded themselves reading the stories. The students edited their recordings using Audacity to modify their voices, add sound effects, and add music. The recordings were then uploaded to Podbean, a free podcasting service, where they were made available to anyone in the world who wanted to listen. Additionally, we placed a map on the site to track visitors. This week's tech tip explains how Mrs. Alpers uses this map to engage students in learning about world geography and I walk you through how to set one up for yourself.

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Nice video, the opening makes me happy! It is fun to take a peek inside other classrooms.