Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Tech Tips - Google Earth Jockeys

Google Jockeying is the practice of having a student perform searches on a classroom computer with projection display while the teacher is either lecturing or conducting a group discussion. In this week's tech tip I explain a bit about Google Jockeying and a spin-off I call Google Earth Jockeying and how they can increase engagement in your classroom and serve as a classroom management tool.

Weekly Tech Tip:

[EDIT NOTICE: I fixed the audio in this video. It worked fine before on my headphones but realized that when I listened using the computer speakers the audio was dismal.]

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

I haven't heard of Google Jockeys, very interesting teaching model. I wonder how this could be adapted for the lower elementary classroom?

Nick Provenzano said...

I have done something similar with students using my computer to show students how to sign up for other websites, but it never occurred to me to have them use it for searches and other online procedures. Thanks for the share.