Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Tech Tips - Digital Backpack & Xtranormal

For those of you who are receiving these tech tips because you subscribe to my blog, most of this week's tech tip will probably be information you already know. This is my first "Weekly Tech Tip" as technology integration specialist for East Metro Integration District 6067 (EMID). For EMID teachers, what I like to do, and have done for the past three years, is produce a short 5-10 minute video each week where I introduce you to a new technology tool or technology-enhanced teaching strategy. I also always include in my tech tips an area called "Link Stew" where I publish a run-down of interesting websites and resources I came across this week and usually have a section called "Blog Carnival" where I post links to interesting or thought provoking blog posts from the Edubloggosphere.

I prefer to make tech tips that include footage from actual classroom application but since I have only been observing this week I don't have any classroom footage to draw upon this week this tip is more an introduction. In this tip I will walk you through the "Digital Backpack," a tool I maintain to help organize free online resources that have potential for education and I show how I made the animated character Walter from the introductory video EMID staff were sent.

Weekly Tech Tip:

Link Stew:
Blog Carnival:
For EMID staff new to my Tech Tips, here are a few from the archives if you are interested:


Chris said...

Wow, thanks Carl! I am very excited about this. The Digital Backpack looks like just what we have been looking for. It's especially helpful to have the explanation of what age groups can use what tools.

Mrs. Tenkely said...

It may be information that we have seen before, but we could always use a reminder, myself especially!