Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seymour Papert on motivation & education research

I love the respect for kids, their ability to understand, & recognize when they are being "duped" Papert expresses here:


D-E BB Tech said...

This is a very interesting discussion to watch as a whole, and I'm only about a half-hour in (after getting past the intros and politicians making bad jokes!). I think it does underscore that we're often still very guilty of using the promising technology tools the wrong way. So far, I've especially liked Papert's description of how Technology should be used to create an environment (he used Math and "Math Land" as an example) where a student can learn Math the same way a kid growing up in France learns to speak French.

So, now it's 15 years later and we're still making the same mistakes with Technology Tools that Papert warned about in '95, even though the integration of the tools is at its greatest level. We've - in a lot of cases - reached the "classroom of the future" they've talked about...at least in terms of available tech tools. Now, instead of just "wowing" at the fact that we have SMARTBoards in every classroom, how do we truly reach the level of Technology Tool use to attain Papert's vision?

Bryan Berg
Technology Coordinator
Dover-Eyota Schools

Mrs. Tenkely said...

Once again Papert is absolutely right. When education doesn't directly relate to something that students can use (and not...someday you will find this useful) they will have a hard time connecting to it. I think as educators, our job is to teach in such a way that students can relate to what they are learning. The learning isn't for someday, it is for today.