Friday, June 11, 2010

ISTE 2010 & SEMTEC Techspo 2010

I have been feverishly getting ready for ISTE in Denver later this month. I will be presenting a poster session there on iTeach Mobile and co-presenting a BYOL session with Vivian Johnson, Cara Hagen, and Scott Schwister on Technology Enhanced Active Learning Strategies. We are also lucky enough to get a chance to do a trial run of both these sessions next week at the regional SEMTEC Techspo in Stewartville, MN. This is the third year SEMTEC has held this Techspo and it has quickly turned into a very nice little conference.

Of course there will be some format differences between my iTeach Mobile poster session and a iTeach Mobile discussion session. For example, the discussion session at Techspo will focus more on issues related to using mobile devices in schools while my ISTE poster session will focus more on the model of blended PLC and social networking for professional development we used in Goodhue to explore the use of mobile devices in education. But, these two sessions are largely the same.

If you are going to ISTE I invite you to my iTeach Mobile poster session (our BYOL session is full). If you are going to either of these events, below is a preview of my iTeach Mobile session. Presented for your review and critique:

click here to view this in a new window

Also, for those attending our BYOL session on Technology Enhanced Active Learning Strategies, here is a link to our session wiki (now only partially under construction):

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