Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purpose of School

Today at the ISTE Conference, aside from sleeping past my initial planned start time, I continued with my "Purpose of School" project. In a future post I promise I will let you know where I am going with this. For now, lets just say that the question is extremely important and one that many researchers and sociologists studying the culture of school, Seymour Sarason and John Goodlad to name a few, note the peculiarity of the lack of ongoing dialog on this question. It is my hopes in asking this somewhat annoying question that I might spark more dialog not only in the edublogosphere but also in our schools.

So far I have only interviewed people deeply involved in the world of education technology. It is my intention to continue with this inquiry with other groups of people. For one, I hope to attend a kindergarten roundup and ask the question to parents, I also hope to ask the question with politicians, high school seniors, and high school drop-outs. I don't know when this project will end or if it ever will really end. Perhaps it would be best if it never ends. Also, sometime in the next few weeks I will setup a YouTube channel where people can submit their own responses to the question, "What is the purpose of school?"

Here are today's collected interviews:

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