Thursday, January 10, 2008

Edusim3d - New Virtual World for your SMARTbaord

I spent a little bit of time playing around with this new program today called Edusim3d. It is a virtual world platform that is intended for use in front of a classroom on an interactive whiteboard. I have barely scratched the surface with this tool. According to the website it has only been available for one week. You have to register for a free account to be able to download Edusim3d and I would quantify the download and installation as moderately difficult but once you have it installed it appears pretty easy to navigate and build. The coolest feature I played with is the paint program. It lets you freehand drawings that are turned into 3d objects in the environment. I will definitely be playing around with this tool in the near future. Thank you Jo McLeay for the links in your blog post: The Open Classroom: It really makes you think#links#links#links#links

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