Monday, January 21, 2008

SEMTEC - Techspo - Web 2.0 - a roundtable discussion: What is it and how is it working in your schools?

This session started with the Machine is Us/ing Us video by Mike Wesch. Most of those in attendance are tech coordinators from area schools (9 people total), two of us deal specifically with instructional technology.

Jen shared with us her account.

We then watched Lee Lefever's, RSS in Plain English.

Thunderbird will aggregate RSS feeds as well as handle email.

Discussed blogging.

Looked at Ning. -You can have a private network.


jhegna said...

Hey - I appreciate your blogs for each of the different sessions. What did you think of the keynote?

Carl Anderson said...

I couldn't stick around for the whole speech. I had to go set up for my session. I have heard the "The World Is Flat...We Went to China" speech a few times before. It seems to be every state department's trump speech. While I agree with most of that argument I felt I didn't need to hear it again today.