Thursday, January 17, 2008

Real Estate 2.0 Style

I thought I might veer off course for a moment today and write about real estate instead of education. My wife and I just sold our house in Cambridge, MN on Tuesday. This house was on the market for almost two years. We went through two different realtors until we finally decided to go it alone and try FSBO. This was the only way we were going to afford to get out of our house since the market had declined so much. Going it alone made the difference between being able to afford to close or having a huge looming debt haning over our heads.

The biggest problem with selling your house by yourself is not being able to list your house on the MLS. Now there are listing agents out there who will list your house for a flat fee. Usually they charge around $600 and charge you again after six months to continue the listing. We found Iggy's House, an online service that lists your house for free with no obligations. The way they work is they have a parent company called BuySide Realty. Iggy's House refers their clients to BuySide Realty when their home sells. BuySide Realty then acts as the buyer's agent and refunds much of the money the buyer's agent would receive.

If you are having trouble selling your house I would highly recomend checking out Iggy's House. It is truly a web 2.0 way of doing Real Estate and puts a lot of control in the seller's hands.

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