Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Additions to the Digital Backpack #edchat #edtech

I spent some time today updating the Digital Backpack. Here are the new additions (some new tools, other ones have been around a while but I am just now getting around to adding them):
  • - Google Custom Search of Ning Sites
  • - Generates graffiti style text
  • - make your digital photos look like Polaroid™-style images
  • - Make your own beatbox music online
  • - free online utility to grab and validate all the links from a web page
  • - make free calls to telephones from your web browser (no downloads)
  • - video search engine that searches across multiple video hosting sites
  • - experimental tag-based video search engine
  • - test your website on multiple browsers from one site.
  • - make still pictures talk with comical moving mouths.
  • - Free wiki host. Allows you to create web pages that anyone with a password can quickly and easily edit. Great for community knowledge construction and information gathering.
  • - Post Tweets to your Twitter account via a phone call (voice).
    - Capture your Tweets in a PDF ebook.
    - Twitter visualization tool that lets you see how people on Twitter are connected
  • - publish rss feeds to your Twitter account
  • - Twitter search engine.
  • - Twitter Analytics
  • - Flash based image editor that looks and feels like a slimmed down version of Adobe Photoshop.
  • - Great collection of tools that includes an audio editor, video editor, cartoon creator, and mindmapping tool.
  • - Simple web publishing tool: copy and paste content then click publish
  • - Simple web-based animation creation tool.
  • - Simple web-based animation creation tool.
  • - Create an RSS widget for your website, wiki, or profile.
  • - combine multiple RSS feeds into one
  • - Online Spreadsheet Calculator
  • - real-time text collaboration (Etherpad replacement)
  • -Sound Search Engine
  • - Upload photos and add goofy stuff to them.
  • - free audiobook podcasts
  • - Location-based text messaging service (sends texts to your friends only if they are within a certain area)
  • - flash-based mindmapping and flowchart maker
  • - Videos for kids to learn from organized by subject
  • - Search engine that looks where other engines don't including popular research databases.
  • - URL shortening service that also allows you to upload and distribute files
  • - Turn lengthy URLs into short ones
  • - Turn lengthy URLs into short ones
  • - similar image search
  • - Merges multiple versions of the same document and shows you where differences exist.

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<a href="http://www.goodhue.k12.mn.us/school242/genie224/images/files/backpack2009h.html" ><img width="115" border="0" src="http://www.goodhue.k12.mn.us/school242/genie224/images/files/digital_backpack_icon1.gif" /></a>

If you know of any free online tools that should be in the Digital Backpack please let me know by making a comment on this post.

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Ooh, you have some new ones for me to explore! Thanks...the rest of my evening shall be devoted to playing with new discoveries :)