Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A few thoughts about goals and expectations.

Soft bigotry of low expectations. vs. Hard bigotry of setting expectations for others.

A false dichotomy is created by goals and expectations.

SMART goals are really dumb.

If I set a SMART goal that is attainable am I not being a soft bigot?

If I set a SMART goal that is not attainable am I setting myself and others up for failure?

If I set a SMART goal with overly high expectations are not many going to simply choose to fail?

If I set a SMART goal that is measurable and focus resources toward reaching that goal, have I enough resources left to devote to those goals that are not measurable?

What message do SMART goals send to kids about what we value?

Why do SMART goals only really impact the work we do with Title I kids?

If I set a goal to loose 100 lbs I probably will fail.

If I set a goal to exercise 20 minutes a day and eat smaller portions at dinner I might just loose 100 lbs.

Planning with the end in mind is foolish. It sets us up for failure.

Planning with the journey in mind gets us further and provides a richer experience.

I want to enjoy today and not always be looking toward a point in the future when I attain a goal.

What happens when I do attain that goal? Then what? Rainbows and lollipops? Will I then be happy?

Life is a journey, not a destination. Stop and smell the roses once in a while.

SMART goals are really DUMB.

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