Monday, August 16, 2010

Twitter Book Club: John Dewey (1938) Experience & Education, Ch 1

I am reminded here again of the debate (link 1, link 2) surrounding Diane Senechal's article in the TFA publication last March. These quotes also speak to the current debate surrounding the Texas School Board decision to rewrite the state's American History curriculum. In that extreme case, rewriting the textbooks effectively rewrites history in an attempt to perpetuate or replicate for the future a significantly altered version of the past but only if that curriculum is delivered along a traditional path of schooling.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

Again, I am only able to see some of the quotes. About half of these are dark so I can't read them.

I read this one in college, I think I need to pull it out again so I can better follow along :)

Carl Anderson said...

For some reason Twitlonger displays black text on a dark grey background. The text is there but hard to see. I struggled with whether to kwout the original tweet or copy and past the text. I opted to keep with the spirit of Twitter Book Club an copy the original tweets. Here are what those black o dark grey tweets say: