Monday, November 15, 2010

Wes Fryer on Digital Storytelling & The Purpose of School

In St. Paul, MN on Friday at the Collaboration Convention & unConference 2010 I had an opportunity to sit down with Wes Fryer, executive director of Story Chasers, Inc. and author of Moving at the Speed of Creativity, and discuss digital storytelling, school reform, the purpose of school and what we want school to be for our own children. The following are some clips from our talk:

Wes Fryer on Digital Storytelling in the Math Classroom:

I plan on using this clip in a future Weekly Tech Tip I am working on but thought I should should also share it now.

Wes Fryer on the Purpose of School:

Thank you Wes for helping me kick off this side project I have been wanting to do for some time. For some months now I have been wanting to start a video interview project collecting different responses to the same question, "What is the purpose of school." I can't think of a better person to kick off what essentially is a digital storytelling project.

Then, Wes turned his camera on me and essentially asked me the same question:

Wow did I blink a lot. It was the end of the day after an exhausting two-days of co-facilitating this conference and I was beat. I imagine Wes must have been too but he sure didn't show it.

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