Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly Tech Tip - Designing for the Future

Weekly Tech Tip:

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  • If you would like to join us in designing ideal 21st century learning spaces you can go ahead and create your own page on this wiki and post your ideas: More videos from our day with Christian will be posted there in the next few days.
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  • Seth Godin on Education
  • Jason Wishnow "Behind the scenes" (Lift Asia09 EN) - on how TED Talks are produced [Also, visit this Vimeo Channel for many other great recorded lectures from this conference)
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Remix is a central part of Scratch. Is it a central part of our classrooms? Why does everything have to be new? #blc10less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

#blc10 Mitch says, "We never imagined that 12 year olds would be creating tutorials of how to use Scratch. We thought that was our job."less than a minute ago via web

#BLC10 "Digital immigrant. Digital Native" is not an accurate descriptor when it comes to creating and making things with technology.less than a minute ago via web

We wouldn't consider someone literate who could read but can't write. Are those who consume technology but don't create/contribute literate?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Can't decide if I want my twitter baby to be a boy or grrrlll. As long as it's healthy and has a hashtag I'll be happy.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Audio from "Future of Education" interview: Ted Kolderie on Teachers as Partners in School Organization than a minute ago via web

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Mrs. Tenkely said...

My first IWB was a wiimote whiteboard using Johnny Lee's video a few years ago. A great success and fun to build with students!

Carl Anderson said...


That is awesome! I have always wanted to build one myself. It would be great if you made a video demoing yours and talk about how easy (or hard) it was to put it together. I see so many schools spending money they can't afford, laying off teachers, cutting supply budgets, and even eliminating entire programs just so they can buy these IWBs. Whenever I show people the Johnny Lang video they can't believe that anyone can do it and opt for the expensive solution. A video from a teacher showing how she and her students built one of these things would be powerful and perhaps save some teacher jobs.

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I have the video on my blog somewhere...buried in the archives! I have a few videos of it. I don't have one of how it got built...not a lot to it. Just buy the wiimote, download software, and run. Very easy! You can even buy the pens now. (less than $5) I built one out of a hollowed out magic marker. Kids and I learned that you can tell if the pen works by pointing it at camera phone while you are holding down the button. If it works, the camera phone will pick up the light (can't see it w/out phone!)