Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekly Tech Tip - iTeach Mobile & Cellphones in the Classroom

For the majority of this week I have been in Denver at the ISTE Conference, therefore my normal routine of crawling the web for resources has been slightly modified as is evident in the apparent imbalance in this week's "link stew" section of my weekly tech tip post. Next week I am off but will still probably manage to eek out a few reflective posts, but no tech tip. I went to ISTE to both network with other educators and to present at four sessions. I feel like the sessions I was part of and the other educators I presented with hit a grand slam with the work we did. I couldn't be more pleased with how our sessions went and how we were received. Thank you to all who attended both in person and online.

One of the sessions I presented at the conference, both as a poster session and as part of a panel discussion, was on a project I was involved with this year at Goodhue Public Schools called iTeach Mobile. Regular readers of my blog should already be familiar with this project and the social networking site we created for it but it occurred to me while I was driving home that I had not yet shared our work with cellphones, iPods, and other mobile devices with the teachers I currently am working with at EMID 6067. I decided that for this week's tech tip I would run through my #ISTE10 poster session both for EMID teachers and for those who missed it at the conference.

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arshad said...

Hi its really very nice blog i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles

Mrs. Tenkely said...

Thanks for the ISTE links and for including iLearn Technology as one of them :) I'm still trying to go through all of the links, session videos, etc. that I collected the last week. I think it could take the next year to get through it all!